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Fine Art Gallery

Fine art reflects who we are in the most personal way. It graces our home bringing dimension and perspective. Art is a refuge and gift for generations. Visit us on the Jersey Shore in our lovely hamlet of Spring Lake!

Gallery Artists

Ken Ahlering
Patrick Antonelle
Mark H. Brown
Michael Budden
Frank Cannas
Christine Cancelli
Chris Coyne
Claire Desjardins
Jillian Dyson
Marcel Favreau
Sonia Grineva
Lee Haber
Louise Hafesh
Laurie Harden
Blanche McAlister Harris
David F. Henderson
Ty Hodanish
Jennifer Holmes
Neal Hughes
Mark Hunter
Bao Ke
Stephen Knight
Richard Lane
Kirk Larsen
Christine Lashley
Tung S. Lee
Jean Lochet
Gerald Lopato
Irene S. Mayo
James McGinley
Laura McGowan
David Minka
Leonard Mizerek
Ellen Morozowski
Brian Murphy
Lea Novak
David Ohlerking
George Pali
Joanne Parent
Elise N. Phillips
Eugene Quinn
Jim Rodgers
Annie Rodrigue
Doreen Tighe
Ronald Tinney
Russell Vujs
Robert Waltsak
Chloe Wang
Dimitri Wright

We wish you the gift of art.

306 MORRIS AVENUE, SPRING LAKE, NJ 07762 • phone 848-469-8414
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